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Asset Based Lending across North America

Century provides financing to North American based companies who require short-term capital where conventional sources are unavailable or aren’t meeting your needs. We emphasize swift turnarounds for clients with pressing and immediate needs.

1. Accounts Receivable Loans

Accounts Receivable LoansAccounts Receivable financing (Factoring) enables a company to sell its accounts receivable in order to provide cash for payroll, materials and other company expenses. Factoring allows a business to grow without additional debt or equity. Factoring advances are available within 24 hours of the customer's confirmation of delivery of goods or services.

Key Elements:

  • Factoring does not increase debt
  • The Company decides which invoices to factor
  • Century manages the receipt and accounting of collections
  • Cost may be offset by early payment discounts on trade payables
  • Predictable cash planning for the Company
  • A variety of confirmation options and structures available

Inventory loans are based on appraised values of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods. Financing available on inventory alone or in conjunction with other finance options.

2. Bridge / Term Loans

Bridge / Term LoansBridge / Term loans are available where a company is able to pledge unencumbered or under-encumbered assets. Loans are fixed rate - fixed term, where the Company holds title to the assets.

Key Elements:

  • Alone, or in conjunction with other financing options
  • Loans against Machinery, Equipment, Real Estate and other fixed assets
  • Advances are based on the appraised value of the assets
  • Bridge / Term loans are effective for:
    • Financial Restructurings
    • Company and/or Asset Acquisition
    • DIP proceedings
    • Rapid growth

3. Secured Loan Buyouts

Secured Loan BuyoutsCentury Capital purchases the lender's security interest in performing and non-performing accounts.

Key Elements:

  • Purchase value of the debt is determined by the appraised value of the assets
  • Fast closing - security registrations and priority already in place
  • Ability to monetize portions of the Company's assets in a flexible financial structure

4. DIP & Exit Financing

DIP & Exit FinancingDIP (Debtor-in-Possession) financing provides interim funding to companies restructuring within a court sanctioned process.

Key Elements:

  • Court approved borrowing to sustain the Company's operations
  • Any assets can be pledged to support the DIP loan
  • Provides quick access to capital not otherwise available
  • Exit terms as short as 90 days

5. Tax Credit Financing

Tax Credit FinancingCentury Capital provides bridge loan financing for tax credit claims of Canadian companies with federal and provincial claims, totaling a minimum of $500,000.

Smaller claims considered if combined with other Century financial services, or where claims are growing. These bridge loans help clients meet short term working capital needs without long-term equity dilution.

Typically, eligible tax credits relate to claims for Scientific Research and Experimental Development ("SRED"), film/TV production or service work, or digital media development work in the animation, virtual reality and gaming sectors.

Key Elements:

  • Immediate cash to pay for development costs
  • Sustains Company growth

6. Sale & Leaseback

Sale & LeasebackSale & Leaseback transactions enable a company to sell an asset, yet retain its usage. The Company can sell unencumbered or underencumbered assets to Century Capital, and lease these assets back for a pre-defined period of time, freeing up otherwise unavailable asset value.

Key Elements:

  • Re-leverage assets for immediate cash
  • Expense 100% of the payments - favourable tax treatment
  • End of term options include defined buyout, renewal term, or return the asset to Century

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